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BLOG #11 – homely and modern environment for elderly people | part #2

We continue to talk about striking examples of a modern and comfortable environment for older people. Santa Rita Geriatric Center, built by the architectural firm Manuel Ocaña in 2003, is another inspiring example. The architects aimed to move away from the hospital image, avoiding corridors and restrictions. Their goal was to create a positive and comfortable atmosphere in a special place where leisure time predominates, and people spend their last years. The center impresses with its striking design and witty space.


Architects say: "The goal is to ensure full accessibility, physical autonomy, mental safety, and respect for personal life, facilitating visitor access."


The single-level complex is designed to provide maximum physical autonomy for guests, accommodating a variety of movement scenarios. The building is planned to allow people easy access to the inner garden, a sort of a lobby, and all communal spaces without physical barriers (the number of doors is minimized).

The center is located in a residential area and interacts interestingly with it, since the center has a flat large volume with different angles along the perimeter.

The shape of the roof, made of exposed concrete, is inspired by the quarry on which the building stands. The building is divided into three zones, highlighted by different colors of polycarbonate walls, aiding in spatial orientation.


Another great example that we want to introduce you to today is the Alzheimer residence for "Foyer la Grange" by Mabire Reich, built in 2014, is located in an urban setting with a splendid view of pine trees, the city, and the Loire River. Besides its aesthetic function, these views serve as familiar landmarks for disoriented residents.

The site is organized with a chain of spaces culminating in a belvedere located on an elevation, offering a panoramic view. This design helps patients with Alzheimer's syndrome to comfortably engage in calm circular walks.

The interior is also tailored to the needs of the residents. Bright colors and distinct materials serve as comfortable landmarks for the patients. The internal spaces of the center are designed with consideration for insulation and follow the overall stylistic theme of the entire project.

In future post we will share other inspiring examples of a comfortable environment for older people. We invite you to enjoy these examples with us

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